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What We Offer

Our Sales Shed offers members access to a comprehensive selection of discounted products for both allotment and garden use. Our stock includes composts, fertilisers, fungicides, pesticides, weedkillers and sundry items.

All stock is subject to availability.

Growing Media

growing media Including compost (various types), compost activator, compost potting base, growbags, peat, horticultural grit & sand, silver sand, perlite and vermiculite.

Disease & Pest Control

disease and pest control Including Bio and Doff products, fungicide, pesticide, dithane, slug pellets, woodlice killer, fly catcher strips, mouse & rat killer and mouse & rat traps.

Plant Food & Fertilisers

food and fertiliser Including bonemeal, nitrogen feed, potash feed, calcium, superphosphate, tomato feed, dolomite lime, epsom salts, fish blood & bone and lawn feed.


weedkillers Including branded weedkillers from Bayer, Pathclear, Round Up & Weedol, glyphosate, tree stump killer, brushwood killer and lawn weedkiller.

Plants & Seeds

plants and seeds Seed potato & onion sets ordering service (visit our downloads page for an order form), discounted plant & seed ordering service from Dobies and Lawn seed.


sundries Including outdoor cleaner, bamboo canes, flower canes, twine, garden netting, shade netting, ground cover and plant labels,


Please note, products are only available for purchase from the Sales Shed and cannot be ordered online.